Featured / Run · October 22, 2022

Run in the hills of Rapallo and Santa Margarita

This is a challenging trail run on the Italian coast, through small villages and up into the hills along hiking trails and descending down into the beautiful town of Santa Margarita and then along the coast path passing villas and azure waters back into the centre of Rapallo where we set off from.

Setting out from Rapallo

Starting at the waterfront, we follow the river out of town, crisscrossing a few bridges until we meet a small lane way which is also signposted for Camping Rapallo. You keep following the road for a few kilometres as it begins to climb – now you’re into the country paths which are especially beautiful at sunrise.

As you reach the first switchbacks, half way up is a small Roman road which is a nice break from the tarmac.

As you head up the Roman road (also feels in parts it hasn’t been maintained for 2000 years!) you pop out at the village of Camogli.

At the top of the hill, you take a set of steps going upwards which takes you onto the hiking trail.

Out of Camogli and into the Forest 

Soon your on the hiking trail, for a while we are following the red square markings 🟥  the path, rocky but well maintained you follow for a few kilometres as it winds along the ridge towards the top of the mountains.

As you glance through the trees to the right you can see the coast towards Recco and Genoa, on your left is Rapallo and Santa Margarita. In some parts the path becomes slightly more rocky and muddy in places but is otherwise flat and smooth with only small inclines.

Above Santa Margarita 

As you keep following the path, soon you come to a picnic stop with tables and a tap of fresh drinking water. There is another tap about 1km ahead on the path before you start descending down) at this point we are approximating at 540m, the highest point on this run. 

We keep following the path until we reach a turn marked by two red diamonds ♦️ ♦️ on the left (a steep descent at first).

Down to Santa Margarita 

Following the two red diamonds, this path takes us down to the Center of SM. Some parts are rocky and slippery if it has rained. 

Soon you’ll pop out near some beautiful villas and the path to civilisation returns.

Arriving in Santa Margarita and onto Rapallo

Soon we’re back in the busy streets of Santa Margarita- here you make your way towards the sea and join the coastal footpath.

Coastal path 3km back to Rapallo

The coastal path takes us past exclusive hotels and villas on the road back to Rapallo, this is hilly in some parts but both if compared to the hills we’ve just been up and down. Soon we are back at the seafront and our loop is complete!